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Christmas Carols, Loud Parties and Domestic Cleaning in Wimbledon

26/12/2012 23:54
  I know it sounds like the title of an awful second grade film, but the last few days could really described with the words from the title – there were many Christmas carols (so many, in fact, that they started making me sick); the Christmas party I organised was so loud that the...

A Carpet Cleaning Drama in Wimbledon

14/12/2012 09:27
Don’t throw parties in your own home! Ever! Or if you do, call a cleaning company to clean right after the party. Trust me! Unless you want to end up like me – cleaning for half a day and then realising in the end that you couldn’t deal with a huge stain on your carpet and you have to call a...

Making A Friend Clean Your Home - Not A Very Bright Idea

19/11/2012 13:09
I've never been such a  tidy  person.I'm honest about it and I absolutely admit it. I actually except the person I am. Not that I'm proud of it but that's what I am. However, don't assume that my home is a mess. At least,earning enough has its benefits (like being able to afford a house...

Agnes’ Dreams

12/11/2012 13:03
Agnes woke up with an uneasy feeling. She had had a nightmare and hadn’t slept well at all. It was nasty feeling to welcome Monday tired as if you haven’t slept in days. She especially hated the fact that she had to go on and clean people’s houses all day while they get to rest. She frequently...

The Probation

02/11/2012 17:38
  Wallace Walker was a good man. You could see it in his eyes, in the way he looked, in his behaviour – everything was screaming it. He was a rather short bloke, bald, with glasses, rather nerdy looking, insecure, and round-shouldered. Like many other good men, however, he made some bad...

Can Wimbledon Come Up To The Task

27/07/2012 17:31
  I have been waiting for so long to be able to write this down, but it finally is true- The Olympics are finally in London! I don’t know about you, but I really feel so excited! I wanted to go to the Games in Athens, but I was just 15 back then and my parents did not let me by myself...

How To Enter Our Usual Working Rythm

16/07/2012 17:22
  We are still in the middle of the summer, but I am not so sure how many of us has manage to rest a bit by taking a vacation somewhere far from home. We all have the same problem – we don’t know how we still manage to keep our eyes open in front of the pc screen and we truly, deeply...

The Biggest Surprise - Bacteria Love Women

09/07/2012 14:20
  Just the other day while I was reading a magazine, I found and read a short article that was telling about something I have never heard of. Maybe everybody thinks that women are the part of the mankind that is,… well, let me put it that way… “cleaner”. And by cleaner, I mean...

The Unbelievable Day of Ronnie the Chipmunk

26/06/2012 17:34
  Remember I told you about the great day I had with my niece a week ago? I had to babysit her in the weekend, because her parents went out and the maid from the domestic cleaning company came to do her job. We didn’t feel like going out, so we stayed in the house, but we invented a...

Being An Aunt Sometimes Is The Greatest Job On The Planet

14/06/2012 10:48
    I don’t think I have mentioned my sister before, so maybe it is time to give some more info about us two. I have an older sister, Cassie, who is 28 years old, married and has an adorable little daughter, named Elisabeth. On Sunday I decided to let my sister and her husband...
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Do It Like A Dude

04/06/2012 15:05
    Remember about my friend Jack’s apartment I told you about the last time? Well, I have been thinking that someone should help the boys to find some motivation for cleaning deep down in their souls. I know it won’t be easy, but anyways, some of these tips which I will share...

Say It Out Loud – Boys Aren’t Fond Of Cleaning

23/05/2012 12:24
  They say women do not have interests in sports, especially when they are ballet dancers. It is true that ballet requires full devotion and concentration, but after all, we are only human and we need a change, too.   That is why the boys from the crowd we hang out with decided...
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